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Chapter 13 Standing Trustee
Middle District of Florida - Jacksonville Division







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Case Information for Debtors

Access by debtors only to their case information may be obtained without cost at the National Data Center.

The National Data Center allows Chapter 13 Debtors to access their case through the website. To view your case online, you must register for a User Name and Password. If you are a Chapter 13 Debtor and would like to view your Chapter 13 case online you may do so by registering for a User Name and Password on the website. To begin, navigate to and locate the box that asks for User Name and Password.

**The National Data Center can be contacted by phone at 866-938-3639. **

Notice to Persons Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

A video created in an attempt to help individuals understand bankruptcy and the bankruptcy process is available for viewing on the third floor of the Jacksonville Federal Courthouse or online at

Individuals without counsel are encouraged to view this video to gain a better understanding of the bankruptcy process.  The video is approximately 40 minutes long and there is no charge for viewing.                                   

If you would like to view this video, please go to or visit the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court on the third floor (suite 3-350) of the United States Courthouse, 300 North Hogan Street,  Jacksonville, Florida.

This is not an endorsement for filing for bankruptcy without an attorney.  Filing bankruptcy is complicated and consultation with an attorney prior to filing and representation in filing are recommended.

Case Information for Creditors and Creditor Attorneys

Attention all Creditors and Creditor Attorneys: We have begun transitioning to the National Data Center (NDC) for providing all online access to debtor case information. Creditors and Creditor Attorneys may contact the NDC directly to establish access at Here you will notice that there are two links (one for Attorney Services and another for Creditor Services). Creditors and Creditor Attorneys will need to click on the Creditor Services link ( to set up an account to view debtor case information. We will no longer create new access via 13network. We believe this change will provide more overall benefits to you the user.


***If you are a bankruptcy practitioner and would like to participate in the Jacksonville Bankruptcy Listserv, please contact Angelique Griggs-Beaman to subscribe.***


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